All you need to know about sewage treatment plant

The concept of sewage treatment plant:

The concept of sewage treatment is quite old and prevalent. Although in India in the last decade the demand of sewage water treatment has been overwhelming, there are still many places where it needs to be accepted and implemented. It is essential to implement sewage water treatment in our locality and household because of different reasons. For a healthy life, the environment surrounding us should be clean. The household waste that is released into the environment is very much hazardous because these wastes consist of harmful disease causing microorganisms. This in turn indirectly gets into to our system which is then really harmful for the human body.

The industrial waste:

The industrial waste on the other hand consists of chemical compounds that are highly hazardous for the environment. When the industrial waste is released into the open, the chemicals also get dispersed. These chemicals are very much harmful for the aquatic organisms such as fishes, crabs and other aquatic organisms. These in turn gets into the human body through the fish we devour. Infected fish in turn will harm the human body. This is not just in the case of water; the waste that is released in the open also affects the soil. The chemicals affect the quality of the soil, making it infertile. This in turn affects the crops and vegetables that grow in these lands. That is the reason why sewage water treatment is so important. There is a set up for building a sewage water treatment plant and for that a sewage treatment plant manufacturer is needed as they know exactly how to install the plant correctly. If you are looking for the sewage treatment manufacturer, (area- Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, check out for the best online.

The sewage treatment process:

The sewage treatment process is a very scientific process where there are several phases that need to be done correctly. Here are those steps:

  • Screening – This is the first phase of the treatment where the waste water comes into the plant and heavy objects such as woods and rags are removed.
  • Removing the Grit – After screening, this phase is responsible for removing the fine materials such as sands.
  • The settling phase (Primary) – In this phase, the primary sludge settles down and finally pumped off the bottom
  • Aeration – Here in this phase microorganism consumes the pollutants.
  • The settling phase (Secondary) – In this phase the wastewater that was coupled with the biology of the aeration tank is separated.
  • The filtration phase – This phase is responsible for polishing the effluent.
  • The disinfection phase – In this phase ultraviolet disinfection is used to remove the bacteria.
  • The oxygen Uptake phase – In this phase more aeration takes place if necessary.
  • The Sludge treatment phase – In this final step the sludge is treated with several elements. This step is a long one where there are 4 steps.

In the above steps it is quite clear that sewage water treatment process is quite sophisticated and that is why it is very much advisable to consult the professionals for its installation. Get a professional sewage treatment plant manufacturer, (area- Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana) to install the finest sewage treatment plants.