Which brand of sanitary ware you should go for, for you new establishment

You are happy and excited that your new Hotel is underway and the last few inclusions are to take place. Building a luxury hotel is no child’s play. The fittings you use while constructing matters because the sturdiness of your Hotel depends on the raw materials you use. The look of the hotel’s rest rooms too will depend on the sanitary fittings because quality attracts quality. On your visit to the best sanitary ware dealers in Chandigarh, you realize that Jaquar and Hindware will be the options between which your final choices will be made. A comparative analysis will surely go a long way in understanding this.


The word luxury immediately pops up in our mind when we think Jaquar. All the sanitary ware dealers in Chandigarh have to keep this brand because there is an immense brand recall when it comes to Jaquar. These fittings have been helmed with the technologically most advanced methods of productions and cater to all audiences. Those who are on the lookout for utility, Jaquar have all the tricks in its kitty to lure the buyer. The owners of the sanitary ware store in Chandigarh will vouch for the value of this brand and its style. The Jaquar brand of sanitary ware has the right blend of design, performance, technology and great talent which etches out such unique craftsmanship, then Jaquar is the name of the game. Jaquar deals with basin area fittings along with faucets, sanitary ware, taps and bath accessories of different taste. Jaquar is surely one brand that has to be in the choice list for Hotel fittings.


Moving on to the second brand, Hindware is a leading sanitary brand in India. Hindware has embraced technology and is coming up with some earth shattering models and designs to suit your needs. With the evolution of technology and spaces become compact and limited, Hindware has launched some of the most stylish bathroom faucets and closets that will keep awe-struck. Sanitary ware dealers in Chandigarh consider this brand to be fast moving owing to some beautiful designs and extremely not heavy to the pocket. Hindware has also taken the help of Shahrukh Khan the king of Bollywood to endorse the brand. This also implies that Hindware is continuously guiding its efforts to ensure that all sanitary ware dealers in Chandigarh start recommending the product.

Usually all the sanitary ware stores in Chandigarh keep both the brands. These brands are in demand, but a true comparison will aid you in choosing the right brand for your hotel. For bulk purchases you can contact a sanitary ware wholesaler in Chandigarh or even a sanitary ware distributor in Chandigarh. The best sanitary ware store in Chandigarh will be a mix of brands. The owners will surely recommend you to pick out the best. Any other sanitary ware store in Chandigarh would recommend you those brands which gets them the maximum profit. Beware of such sanitary ware dealers in Chandigarh because for your mission, only if you give quality you will get business.