Max Pump and Grundfos – what are the types of pump they have?

The biggest of the pressure pump dealers in Chandigarh contain the best brands of pressure pump housed in their spaces to cater to all the needs of the customer. Two of the biggest brands in the pressure pump market are Max pumps and Grundfos. Both the brands offer some of the most technologically advanced products for your needs at the best rates.

Max pumps

All the water pump dealers in Chandigarh hold this brand with highest regard because currently the product holds good brand recall and an exceptional sale to back it off. They have all kinds of pumps in their kitty. Even the best pressure pump dealers in Chandigarh will ensure they keep all these types of pumps because every customer has a different requirement. The varied types of pumps are

  1. Submersible pump
  2. Open well pump
  3. Multistage pump
  4. Vertical Multistage pump
  5. Centrifugal pump
  6. Pressure boosting pump
  7. Peripheral pump

Max pump is synonymous with superior product design, best in practice manufacturing process and a strong R&D to keep upgrading the old ones with newer technologies. The pressure pump dealers in Chandigarh will give you wonderful after sales service too for the brand.


This is yet another brand that is gradually capturing the market with its sleek models and optimized pricing. The pumps of Grundfos are acclaimed to reduce energy consumption by 60%. The water pump dealers in Chandigarh use this point as the biggest selling point while making the sale. The pumps are available in many designs with the company and the most prominent ones are

  1. Pumps with booster set
  2. Pumps with canned rotor
  3. Dosing pumps
  4. Encapsulated pumps
  5. End suction long coupled

The water pump dealers in Chandigarh keep both the brands. Before making that decision to purchase for whatever need it is, ensure you do a good comparative analysis.